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Questo Nostro Amore 80

In Questo Nostro Amore 80 facciamo un salto temporale che ci porta a dieci anni dopo la serie precedente, dieci anni che hanno cambiato tutto!

In Questo Nostro Amore 80 we jump ahead ten years from where we left our story in the previous season, ten years in which everything has changed!

We're in 1981. The world has changed, together with the people, the way to do business, the environment, the music, the fashion and of course our main characters. We'll live the small and big love stories of the children born in these years and of the ones that used to be childrean and now became teens: the beautiful Clara and the shy Ciccio. And then there's Marina, the diligent scholar and the Strano twins, that growing up decided to follow extremely different life styles... And of course the love between Benedetta and Bernardo, plus the usual ...This big love (Questo grande amore) between Anna and Vittorio, the one that gave birth to our story and will continue to thrill, estonish and touch us.

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    Tv series
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    Paypermoon, Rai Fiction