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High quality international tv productions


Paypermoon Italia has been operating in the audio-visual industry since 2001. The Company creates, produces and markets high-quality formats while developing initiatives meant to meet the communication requirements of its counterparties, namely broadcasters and international markets.

Paypermoon makes its debut in the Italian media market in 2002 with a great campaign of social information completely self-produced: nine short films entitledGiornate di soli and dedicated to the theme of solitude.  
The project was adopted as a social campaign by the City of Rome and it made use of the prestigious collaboration of renown artists as the singer Elisa, the actor Silvio Muccino, various directors as Carlo Lizzani, Maurizio Nichetti, Giuseppe Tornatore and Giuseppe Piccioni, the father of La linea (The Line) Osvaldo Cavandoli and the creator of Gino il Pollo Andrea Zingoni. 

After the first period of experimentation, Paypermoon Italia focused its mission on the creation of high quality TV fiction and established itself as an independent producer.
In 2003 Paypermoon Italia produced for Rai 2 Mammamia!, a 30-episode sit-com starring Maurizio Nichetti, also director of the series, and Angela Finocchiaro.

In 2007 the company developed its most important project so far:Raccontami, a 26-episodes long television series based on the Spanish format ‘Cuentame còmò pasò’  26 directed by Riccardo Donna and Tiziana Aristarco. Set in the ‘60s, the story is a great popular novel and it’s a unique series among the ones produced in Italy because it faces the narration of a recent past that plays on RaiUno audience’s emotions and nostalgia. Thanks also to its leading actors, Massimo Ghini and Lunetta Savino, the series achieved very good ratings and an average of  6 million of viewers per night.
The second season, Raccontami – Chapter IIwas produced in 2008 with the same cast and the same much-appreciated great popular novel format.

As a consequence of a consolidated relationship with Rai Fiction, in 2011 Paypermoon Italia produces another great product for families:Questo nostro amore. In 2014 the second season of the series, Questo nostro amore 70, was broadcasted on Rai Uno.

In 2015 Paypermoon produced for Rai two new series, aired in 2016: the miniseriesIl confine and the long series Come fai sbagli, which is the adaption of the famous French series Fais pas ci, fais pas ça.

In 2017 the beloved story of the Costa and Strano families reaches its finale, with the third and last series ofQuesto nostro amore, set during the ‘80s, aired in 2018.

Following an important development phase during year 2018, in 2019 Paypermoon entered into production and shooting with two series:Oltre la soglia (aired on Canale 5 in winter 2019) and Vite in fuga(that will be aired on RAI1 presumably in autumn 2020).

In 2021, the company producedNon mi lasciare. The series premiered on RaiUno in January 2022. International distribution of the work was entrusted to Federation Entertainment.

Continuing its path of developing modern international products, Paypermoon is currently working on a large-scale project:Opium(co-produced with HBO).